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How can different materials and processes change the meaning of a photo?

This is my silver gelatin photo.  I really liked this photo because it came out extremely clearly.  The negative for this photo was extremely clear.  Then I used test strips to find the perfect amount of exposure.  After it was printed I was very happy with how it turned out.  I really liked the facial expression that Elizabeth had.  Also the paint across her nose adds another element to the photo that I like.  


This is my solarized photo.  To solarize the photo I had to expose the photo under a colored light.  After seeing the first signs of development in the developer, I took it out and then squeezed out the water.  After I exposed it for two seconds under white light.  I really like this solarized image because of the paint that is dripping down my face.  Sollarizing almost added another dimension to the photo.  

This is my hand painted photo.  First, I printed a silver gelatin image on a large piece or photo paper.  Next game the most time consuming and labor intensive part of creating the photo.  I painted the background and had it fade to the face.  The skin tone was hard to perfect.  But after trial and failure I got a pretty good one.  I added shadows and pink for the cheeks.  I also added some highlights to contrast the shadows. I also really like the pink shirt.  The photo has sort of a creepy dimension to it.  The green hair and pale face combined with the Elizabeth's expression give this a really creepy look.


Lisa Rose

Product Manager

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This is my first free choice.  The negative is burned, and then I solarized the image.  It took a couple of tries but I finally got it to come out.  I think it's a really interesting photo.

This is my second free choice.  It is much simpler than my first one.  I printed a silver gelatin image and then added some color with markers.  The color really makes the photo pop and adds something interesting to the photo.  

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